1. Standard shipping service is only available in the following locations:

- Business address: such as office, please provide company name

- General residence

- Pick-up point: refer to

 2. Shipping costs are calculated independently for each order, including only one shipping location, and no combined calculations are accepted.

 3. The free shipping service is only applicable to the "standard shipping service". The urgent order or the specified delivery time is not applicable.

 4. If the final shipment status of the product is less than 150 cm or 5 feet, it will be calculated according to “standard freight”. If it is equal or exceeds this size, it will be calculated as “extra large freight”. The company's system will charge itself according to the length of the product.


* Fine freight

*Standard shipping

* Extra large freight

Shipping length

No more than 1 meter

Not more than 1.5 meters

Equal or more than 1.5 meters


5. If the goods are delivered at the date and time agreed and implemented, and the customer does not receive the goods, the customer must contact the company to reschedule the delivery and pay the shipping cost.

 6. If the customer needs to change the delivery content and the security (such as quantity, address, delivery date or time slot), it must be submitted one working day before delivery, which may result in additional shipping charges.

 7. The customer is responsible for providing clear and accurate delivery locations and environmental conditions when confirming the order. The following special circumstances (including but not limited to) are not applicable and need to be quoted separately.

- The street at the receiving address does not allow the truck to be parked, or there is a certain distance from the parking place and the goods need to be pushed.

- Some remote areas or places where there is no direct transportation.

- There are no lifts or goods in the building that cannot or do not enter the lift and need to be moved upstairs by stairs.

- Container terminal warehouse category: All additional charges, such as entry fees, registration fees, etc., are subject to quotation. - Delivery directly to the exhibition booths in the exhibition venue.

 8. Arrangements and extra charges for outlying areas:

- Tung Chung:

- Ma Wan:

- Discovery Bay: 

- Outlying Islands (Lantau Island, Cheung Chau, etc.)


For buildings without lift or for product that can only access through staircases, there will be additional delivery charge of HK$50 per floor, up to 8 floors. Charges will be collected and receipt will be provided by HOMEIN FRAME Delivery team.


9. During the period when the typhoon and rainstorm signals are in effect, the delivery service on the same day and the next day may be delayed or cancelled. The company will contact the customer for additional delivery arrangements.

10. In case of any dispute, HOMEIN FRAME reserves the right of final decision.